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Using therapeutic techniques in the workplace

So, I know that this is a business blog, but there are a LOT of techniques we can take from therapy to use in the workplace! Here are some examples:

Reality Therapy: Help someone get to their goal! Ask what they are trying to accomplish, what they are trying to do to get there, if that strategy is working, and what strategy/strategies could work better or help them continue to get to their goal.

Group Therapy: When in a meeting, sometimes employees ask questions that a facilitator or leader doesn't always have to answer. You can open up the floor to allow other people to chime in on their thoughts/feelings about the answer.

Family Dynamics: Even though some companies don't have tight knit relationships, you can pay attention to the way that relationships between employees can impact their behavior. One employee may be more helpful to someone they have a better bond with over another employee who seems cold and distant. If two employees struggle with one another, they may choose some less-than-desirable behaviors to navigate around each other.

More examples to come in future posts!

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