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SimplePractice EHR Let Me Build My Practice

Hey fellow therapists! 

We know the administrative side of running a private practice can feel like a never-ending battle with paperwork.  Those overflowing inboxes and endless phone calls about appointments were seriously draining my energy and taking away from what I truly love: helping my clients.

I've been using Simple Practice and it's been incredibly helpful. I'd like to offer some info in case it can be used to help anyone else make a decision about which EHR to go with.


  • Scheduling that Doesn't Suck:  SimplePractice offers a beautiful online booking system that clients can access 24/7. There are automated appointment reminders which help eliminate missed sessions. I can schedule clients myself or I can let them choose something that works for them at their convenience.

  • Getting all the paperwork signed:  I send clients all the necessary paperwork and they can fill it out through the portal.

  • Billing Made (Almost) Painless:  I can accept secure online payments, submit claims electronically, and generate reports that give me a clear picture of my practice's finances.

  • Client Communication on Autopilot:  The secure client portal is amazing. Clients can access appointment details, invoices, and any resources I share with them through their portal access.

  • Telehealth App:  Secure video appointments allow me to see clients from anywhere with HIPAA compliance, offering flexibility for both of us.

  • Automatic Referrals: SimplePractice pairs with companies like Compsych and United Health to funnel clients directly to me THROUGH this EHR. They show up on my client list automatically. I love this.

  • Marketing: I get a free Monarch profile which helps potential clients understand more about me and what I can offer.


  • Insurance companies are not always doing their part:  It would be nice to be 100% updated on how much and when insurance companies pay me, but sometimes they don't communicate back to SP about insurance payments.

  • A little more pricey: From the comparisons I did, it's a little more expensive than several other EHR programs on a monthly basis. However, for me it's been worth it.

  • Slight learning curve: I had to learn a lot about billing and a few other behind-the-scenes things. Even though it was a challenge, I also learned a lot more about running a practice.

Want to check it out?

Sign up for a free 30-day trial and see the difference firsthand! Click on my referral link to get started:

Here's the bonus: SimplePractice EHR is also HIPAA-compliant, has a fantastic mobile app for on-the-go access, offers unlimited client storage, and boasts top-notch customer support. It lets us meet our clients where they're at, making therapy more accessible.

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