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Relationships: Keys to Communication

Everything comes down to the relationships we have with each other, whether in families, in business, in school, or in the community. Our relationships with others often determines our moral and ethical decisions, and it shapes how we interpret communication. Research has shown that relationships are a major part of our mental health, especially for children as they develop.

If someone delivers a message to us and we do not respect or appreciate them, we are less likely to receive the communication well. If it comes from someone whom we admire, trust, or appreciate, we are more likely to consider the value of the message and incorporate it into how we see the world and think about things.

We won't always do this, though. There may be times when someone we like will tell us something that we don't take seriously, or we may even dislike the message. But because we appreciate the source, this message can take root and grow over time. Conversely, someone we dislike may say something we agree with- maybe that will help us improve our relationship with that person, or maybe that will give us a reason to continue disliking this person (such as through the idea that this person is saying something popular or positive only to hide what is truly inside them).

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