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People don't want to feel used in the workplace.

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

I've heard CEOs and business leaders say that no special effort should be made to help employees do well. "They work to work and get a paycheck."

It's difficult to help them understand that yes, this is true and we shouldn't coddle someone beyond appropriate professional expectations and boundaries - but people do need some consideration in the workplace so that they feel valued. If they feel like a "cog in the wheel," as the employees of these CEOs and leaders would grumble, their productivity and performance are going to suffer.

I've seen employees who "work to work" and struggle under impossible expectations and harsh responses from management. It's no surprise that these employees become burnt out and struggle with doing their jobs or responding well to management.

When employees feel valued, like their employer appreciates them and is looking out for them, their productivity and performance rises. You can place any realistic demand on these employees and if they are properly motivated, they're likely to go above and beyond for you. Yes, there will be some who wish not to do the bare minimum, but most people are engaged by feeling like what they do makes a difference and reflects well on their own competency to others.

While much of this post has been about treating employees well so that they'll help the bottom line, there is a deeper importance here - treating people well because it's the right thing to do. It instills true loyalty and an invaluable community reputation. Service-oriented leaders frequently reap what they sow when it comes to kindness and compassion for their fellow workers.

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