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New Social Group - What to Expect!

Hi All!

You may see that I'm advertising for a new social group.

I sent out a poll to gauge interest and received several responses.

The main purpose of this group is going to be helping people connect, socialize, and hear positive, uplifting, and educational messages.

Right now, it looks like most people who'll show up are going to be adults. This won't be a therapy group, but therapeutic techniques might be used.

Here's the structure of how it will go, once people are seated and ready for the group to start:

  1. Introductions / Icebreakers

  2. Positive message from facilitator about something we can all relate to: staying hopeful, healthy boundaries, dealing with stress, coping with challenges

  3. A group topic that participants would be asked to discuss with a few other people in a smaller group.

  4. Return to larger group focus; hear an uplifting message.

  5. Group dismissal, at which point you can still chat with other group members.

Feel free to reach out if you have any ideas that you'd like to contribute!

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