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Insights into Another's Life; A Vignette

Like many people, I love learning about what another person's life is like. Not just how they live, but what kinds of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs do they hold? It allows us to step outside our own little bubbles for just a little bit to think about what other people go through.

Despite the negative things we say about social media, it's also allowed for us as a society to glean some genuine and heartfelt insights into others' lives. When we choose to avoid content that's focused on flashy, shallow illusions, we can find some really authentic and beautiful life-affirming content. And we can also watch cute pet videos.

I came across a TikTok video created by a young man who faced severe poverty, instability, and family dysfunction while growing up. While he's pulled himself out of his unfortunate circumstances, it's not always easy for anyone to do so. He poignantly expresses his compassion for the homeless and others in need through several videos which help illustrate their humanity, but there's a particular one which may leave anyone speechless; You can find it here at ITmotel's Tiktok page.

With the attention that he's received, he's advocated for those who are unhoused and offering help to the people under his roof. His website links to pages where you can donate to his cause: His TikTok is an incredible mix of funny, whimsical, sad, and sobering content. I highly encourage checking it out. He offers this beautiful array of compassion for those who are struggling, mixed with a fantastic sense of humor regarding the absurdity of life and taking things too seriously.

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