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"I'm really proud of you" we try our best, but it doesn't feel like it's enough. Maybe we tell ourselves that it's not enough, or maybe the reactions from the people around us tell us that it's not enough.

While it's always ideal to push ourselves towards growth in a way that is emotionally and physically safe, we can feel so defeated when our efforts don't stack up to expectations. Sometimes we compare ourselves to others and we don't feel as "good" as they are. Sometimes we are trying to do the best with what we've got, but we face social backlash because our best doesn't provide convenience for other people. It's also easy to internalize others' reactions as a measure of our own self-worth (meaning - we take the way people treat us and act towards us as the way to gauge how worthy we are as people).

When you find the right moments, remember to tell people "I'm really proud of you" when they are struggling.

Here's a really beautiful example of someone recognizing another struggling person. He lets her know that he acknowledges how hard she is trying, despite difficult circumstances. If you have trouble seeing it, the link is: Michael Brown on Instagram: “I'm proud of you #dontcrossagayman #motivation #selflove #care”

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