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Great Training Session!

I had a fantastic training session with a small company yesterday! The topic was Employee Engagement. The manager was committed to ethical and responsible action from his employees in a financial market where customers could easily be set up to fail. However, he also wanted to support his employees to do well. High Expectations and High Support make for a great environment!

The employees were a breath of fresh air - they knew what it was like when a client was set up to fail, and they found purpose in improving the quality of life for their customers. Even though they had the potential to make good money (and don't we all want that?), we had a great discussion about how their own personal development brings out a sense of integrity and compassion for them. They really want to help their clients! Customers can see this integrity and compassion in them, which makes for a powerful sales force.

I am really looking forward to interacting more with these superstars!

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