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Body Scan Exercise to Relieve Anxiety

Have you noticed how tense your muscles get when you feel stressed? Or maybe your stomach gets upset when you feel nervous about something.

Symptoms like these can be very common, and they're one of the many ways our bodies respond to anxiety or extreme emotions.

One really effective tool you can use is a body scan exercise. It invites you to become aware off the sensations in your body so that you can understand what's going on and hopefully find a way to give your body permission to release those feelings. Often, we can release them through relaxation techniques, visualization, or other helpful practices - however, the first step is to gain an awareness.

At first, you may feel like you can only do this kind of exercise in specific ways, like sitting with your eyes closed or lying down. With enough practice, you can do it any time - even in the middle of a stressful meeting or chaotic interaction.

Check out this brief body scan exercise! (The actual content is linked here)

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