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Big changes in our employment mindset.

Arianna Huffington recently tweeted,

"The Great Resignation is really a Great Re-evaluation. What people are resigning from is a culture of burnout and a broken definition of success. In quitting their jobs, people are affirming their longing for a different way of working and living."

Research is showing that a majority of the employees leaving the job force are early retirees, and we're also hearing about people who are leaving their jobs because they do not care for the Covid restrictions that business may impose on its workers. Apparently, "according to Labor Department data, and new surveys show that low-wage workers, employees of color and women outside the management ranks are those most likely to change roles." (source: Wall Street Journal)

Instead, per multiple reporting sources (do a search for "number of new businesses started since Covid), many people have turned to started their own companies and/or working in the gig economy. It's pretty remarkable! It seems as though the restrictions and challenges that Covid brought to us has taught and/or forced people to learn other ways to survive.

Although there is greater risk and frequently more hard work associated with starting one's own business, it allows the person to better advocate for their own value.

And what is this sense of personal value? Anything from how much you fairly deserve to make for your efforts to how you deserve to be treated.

Unfortunately, there will always be customers who want over-the-top service for free and they feel entitled to treat others poorly anyways. But at least the entrepreneur has the right to refuse service to them. No wonder so many low-wage workers were quitting! Restaurant and retail businesses are pretty well known for customers who want to argue and belittle the workers, as well as tip very poorly where it's not warranted.

While so many people are taking to social media to complain about how "nobody wants to work anymore," those who understand the suffering in toxic jobs retort - "Yes! They don't want to work for YOU!"

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