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About Dr. Eve

Hi! I'm Dr. Eve Coker. I started my career as a mental health therapist because I wanted to help people. I quickly moved into executive positions in the mental health counseling industry related to administration, management, data, research, systemic best practices, organizational justice, and investigation. I realized that we honestly couldn't help our clients until we helped our employees do well, too.

And to be honest, this is true of EVERY industry! Everyone has needs, expectations, and professional development goals they seek to meet. We can't help people do well in business or life until we understand how to partner with them and offer meaningful connections.

All of us have thoughts, behaviors, and emotions which are natural. They may not be the most adaptive thoughts, behaviors, or emotions that we want to have, so we can work on who and how we truly want to be to maintain the most valuable approaches and most successful outcomes in life.

My career has allowed me to work with many different kinds of people, and I frequently partner with amazing, brilliant colleagues to meet the needs of individuals and companies. I have a passion for social equity/equality, data-driven outcomes through research, and using best practices to humanize and lift the people I serve.

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