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These are the unique trainings which we currently offer.

Improve Employee Performance via Human Value Practices

Drive employee performance while improving organizational culture. 

Cultural Sensitivity; Diversity & Inclusion

Recognize and eliminate bias for the purpose of enhanced organizational justice, improved decision-making, and mindful collaboration. 

Feeling Worthy of Love

Group session to explore the shared experience of not feeling worthy of love. We define the construct of love itself to understand what role it plays in our lives. 

Motivation: How to Foster and Sustain It

Understand what drives motivation and how to apply it to your teams or clients. 

Employee Empowerment: Own Your Environment

Help your employees, students, clients, and volunteers understand how they can experience better self-management. 

Positive Change in Yourself

Practical information backed up by research in neurophysiology findings, positive psychology, and wellness practices. 

Self-Soothing for Anxiety

Learn techniques to help combat anxiety and stress. 

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