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Reduce Stress and Anxiety


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1 Hour

About the Course

This training is ideal for anyone who seeks to reduce stress and anxiety, leading to better work and life outcomes for themselves and the people around them.

Stress and anxiety reduction is more than just downloading a meditation app! Learn about some vital dynamics behind what research tells us about mindfulness, changing our thoughts, and changing our narrative. This training offers a holistic education on how anxiety impacts our bodies and our brains, helping us especially with:

  • Effective communication with others;

  • Adaptive, constructive reactions to stressful situations;

  • Higher quality of life;

  • Enhanced self-acceptance and less self-critical thinking;

  • Better decision-making;

  • Improved moods;

  • More positive thinking;

  • And many other benefits.

Your Instructor

Dr. Eve Coker

Dr. Eve Coker

Dr. Eve has her Masters in Mental Health Counseling and her PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

For her dissertation, she paired with the Think2Perform Research Institute as a Research Fellow to deliver The Experience of Meaning in Work for Millennials.

Her two publications include A Worker's Worth: The Connection between Human Value and Employee Performance, and Uncovering Who and How You Want to Be: Balancing Love with Personal Responsibility.

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