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Cultural Sensitivity: Diversity & Inclusion




1 Hour

About the Course

This seminar is intended to provide education on diversity issues and to challenge us to recognize how we can be more accepting of others.

Culture is made up of so many different facets, such as age, ethnicity, gender, religion, geography, and so many other things! In this seminar, participants are invited to consider how their own backgrounds influence them and then offered background on how we might struggle to connect with people who are different. Practical strategies for respect and appreciation are offered, so that attendees can develop a sense of openness towards new ideas and new ways of thinking.

Your Instructor

Dr. Eve Coker

Dr. Eve Coker

Dr. Eve has her Masters in Mental Health Counseling and her PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

For her dissertation, she paired with the Think2Perform Research Institute as a Research Fellow to deliver The Experience of Meaning in Work for Millennials.

Her two publications include A Worker's Worth: The Connection between Human Value and Employee Performance, and Uncovering Who and How You Want to Be: Balancing Love with Personal Responsibility.

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