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Engage + Retain Employees

We teach your leaders how to motivate and hold onto employees, and show your employees how to take personal responsibility for their organizational culture. Our cutting edge is the focus on Wellbeing & Experience. 

Without wellbeing in place, 61% of employees are more likely to experience burnout often. Less than 50% of US workers strongly believe their organization cares about their wellbeing, which often causes them to disengage or leave completely: 

  • They are 63% more likely to take a sick day. 

  • They are 2.6 times as likely to leave their current employer and perform more poorly on the job.

As of Nov 2022, only 33% of employees reported being engaged and 18% reported being actively disengaged.

  • Only 20% were satisfied with their company as a place to work. 

  • 34% reported that they were able to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

  • 33% felt as though their development was encouraged. 

  • Also only 33% felt like they were surrounded by other people who were committed to doing quality work. ​

When employees' wellbeing is not considered, evidence shows:

  • 75% of medical costs are from preventable conditions. 

  • $20 million in lost opportunities for every 10,000 struggling or suffering employees. 

  • $322 billion globally of turnover and lost productivity due to employee burnout

  • 15% to 20% of total payroll in voluntary turnover costs, on average, due to burnout. 

Source: Gallup

Management Problems Have a Cost.


At Engagement Techniques Consulting, mental health knowledge is combined with I-O Psychology, the study of how people behave in organizations. Our research-backed workshops and seminars help develop leaders in their understanding of how to drive employees – but they are also for teaching employees how to empower themselves to think adaptively, make proactive changes, and to contribute to a positive work culture.  

Our individual counseling and coaching services balance compassion with research and practice. We serve all adults who struggle with anxiety, trauma, life changes, grief, and challenging situations, but also have a history of coaching C-Suite executives through their journeys. 

What we do

Individual Counseling or Coaching

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Individual Counseling or Coaching

Individual Counseling or Coaching

  • ​Reduce anxiety + cope with stressors

  • Understand motivation challenges

  • How to deal with difficult relationships 

  • Find peace with yourself

  • Get assessed:

    • Holistically use your strengths

    • Career Matching

    • Conflict Resolution Style

Individual Counseling or Coaching

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Wellbeing & Engagement Training

Wellbeing and Engagement Training​

  • Motivation: Foster and Sustain It

  • Culture Change: Own Your Environment

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Diversity and Inclusion

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety

  • Create Positive Change

  • Improve Employee Performance and Engagement


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