These are the unique trainings which we currently offer.

Cultural Sensitivity.png

Cultural Sensitivity: Diversity and Inclusion

Learn about the different types of culture and how they influence decision-making, communication, and personal development. We'll explore how to recognize and work to eliminate bias in order to create a better environment of understanding and teamwork. This is a 1 hour training or a more intensive 2-hour workshop.


Motivation: How to foster and sustain it

In this 1 hour training, we explore many of the different factors which facilitate motivation and those which take it away. Great training for managers, supervisors, executives, and other leaders who would like to understand more about helping employees engage. Also useful for educators and social servants who carefully guide their clientele down a track of learning and improving.

Who-how you want to be.png

Uncovering Who and How You Want to Be: The Mechanics of Change

This 2 hour training travels through information from the latest research in neurophysiology, psychology, and wellness practices to offer practical information on how to actively make changes in your life for the better.

Employee Empowerment.png

Employee Empowerment: Take Control of Your Environment

Help your employees, students, clients, and volunteers understand how they do have control in their environment. This 1 hour training session points out to attendees what they have within their control, how to focus on personal wellness to maintain their own sense of balance, and how to move forward with meeting goals.


The Connection Between Human Value and Employee Performance

Many employers are struggling to find employees to fill open positions or to motivate employees to do their jobs well. This 2 hour training offers an exploration of human behavior and practical, relevant tips as a powerful tool for effective management practices. It advocates for the practice of valuing workers and explains how this leads to greater employee engagement, company culture, and productivity outcomes.