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Professional Development

Our offerings:

·         Team effectiveness facilitation

·         Mediation and conflict resolution

·         Workforce strategy and organizational design

·         Emotional intelligence workshops

·         Emotional resilience and change programs

·         Cultural surveys and interventions

Drawing on the breadth of our knowledge across psychology and organizational development, we offer a range of systemic solutions to help enhance both capability and culture within your organization. We take the time to work with you to understand the organization you aspire to be and what capabilities you need to get there. We explore what attributes must your leaders possess to not only survive, but thrive. Through assessments, surveys or focus groups, we can help diagnose your organizational culture, identifying and implementing concrete and practical strategies to achieve your vision.


Our experienced consultants and facilitators are comfortable working at either a small or large scale – from an individual half day workshop to integrated six to twelve month programs incorporating coaching, 360-degree feedback, peer learning syndicates as well as classroom based learning. Alternatively, your need may be more immediate – a direct intervention working with an individual leader or team to address issues associated with management or leadership gaps, conflict, strategic direction or role clarity.

Why use ETC?

·         Interactive, engaging content drawing on the latest research in organizational development and psychology

·         Systemic approach – able to work at individual, group, and organizational level

·         Scalable solutions to fit your needs – individual workshops to full-scale programs

·         Experienced facilitators

·         Focus on evaluation to measure impact

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