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Visibility of Our Actions

Sometimes, we need to do things that have a powerful impact on the people in our organization - maybe it's an event or process surrounding numbers, symbolism, or a celebration that helps employees understand what they're striving for and to help them earn a sense of something to strive for. This type of thing can be a powerful motivator in the workplace.

It's also possible that we should be careful not to let these events separate us from the people we are trying to serve. Internal focus is definitely not a bad thing! But if we are so internally focused on what we do, it can separate us from true goals related to serving the customer and the community.

This is difficult to do because of logistical reasons, but including the external stakeholders in our growth can be a powerful way to connect with the people we are striving for. Not only does it communicate what we are trying to do, but it offers them a voice and includes them in the growth process. It shows value for the customer and community.

In other words, we can find ways to invite our customers and community to be a part of what we do. And not in a mere tokenistic sense - we can create events and opportunities centered around education, relationship-building, and input-taking which allow us to honor every individual human being and their unique backgrounds. After all, relationships are what promote sustainable change. Positive relationships are the key to effective communication. Inclusion through relationships allows us to change the world.

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