Our offerings:

·         Cognitive ability assessments

·         Personality assessments

·         Motivation and values assessments

·         Emotional & social intelligence assessments

·         360-degree feedback processes and tools

·         Professional development feedback tools for teams and individuals

Psychometric Assessment provides an objective measure of a person’s characteristics and abilities across a variety of areas. Data gained from psychometric assessment can be used across the whole employee lifecycle: from recruitment to development, talent identification and career transition. In addition, 360-degree feedback can yield meaningful insights to guide individual development.

As assessment specialists, we draw on a suite of validated tools – developed both externally and in-house. We offer a broad range of assessments, including measurement of skills, personality, motivation and values to ascertain whether an individual has both the capacity and willingness to perform a particular role. We manage the end-to-end assessment process, including contacting candidates, following up with any nominated raters, preparing succinct yet insightful reports, and scheduling one-on-one feedback debriefs.

Why use ETC?

·         Quality reports written by qualified psychologists

·         Insights that reference your organizational and cultural context

·         Efficient service – fast turnaround for assessment reports on receipt of data

·         Exceptional candidate care, including free over-the-phone feedback

·         Rigorous methodology and interpretation of results

·         Product agnostic:  access to a range of assessment tools to suit your needs and budget

·         Historical data sets and norms at industry and role level for deeper insights