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Evaluation & Research

Our offerings:

·         Solution-oriented investigation

·         Employee perspective depictions

·         Employee outcomes reporting

·         Multiple stakeholder communications

·         Practical and useable reports


There are times when a third party can deliver keen insights that a company insider wouldn’t be able to obtain. Our highly educated and experienced team understand how to obtain objective data, dig for clues, and find details that would be easy to miss for anyone deeply embedded in a company culture or project. Whether you want to know about the type of C-Suite leadership that your employees need or to understand why a problem is happening and how to fix it, our evaluators understand how to find the most meaningful data and deliver it in a practical way for multiple stakeholders to understand and use.

Additionally, we offer guidance and services related to performing program-specific research; if you’d like to delve into studying a workplace phenomenon or report the psychologically relevant impact of your products and services, we know how to develop measures and reporting mechanisms which will allow you to collect and use your data regularly and with powerful results.

Why use ETC?

·         External, approachable, trustworthy third party who understands how to develop rapport with employees in order to provide them with a voice while gathering the richest information  

·         Clear guidance in how to use data to drive sound decision-making

·         Specialized tools developed to collect and deliver data results

·         Tailored reports for multiple stakeholder needs

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