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Who We Are

We are committed to empowering and educating people to overcome challenges and become their best selves. We offer kindness, compassion, and strength. We care about people and their potential.

Hi, I'm Dr. Eve Coker.

I hold a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, which is the study of how people behave in organizations. I'm also a licensed psychotherapist and hold a Masters in Mental Health Counseling.
I became interested in these fields when I first sought to serve our society's mental health needs because I care about people. During this journey, I realized that our businesses won't function well if our employees are emotionally and psychologically struggling.
My research has centered on the intersection of work and mental health, and my clients range from CEOs and business owners to front line workers.
With the knowledge I've gained from my experience, I've developed seminars which directly target the psychological needs of employees in the workplace.
Please review the courses listed and reach out to me with any questions. I tailor each seminar to meet a company's specific needs. Be sure to check out my blog!

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